Download day Announced!

Download Day 2008

17th June 2008

That’s the official release date that has been announced for Firefox 3 on the Mozilla Developers blog! So lets get ready to implement our pledges and download the best browser out there!

EDIT: 15th June’s “The Hindu” newspapers features an article about Ubuntu and Firefox, how they rock and why they are great for Linux newbies!

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4 Responses

  1. All set… Am sure FF3 is going to super rule the internet… Any idea about how much resource FF3 eats?

    P.S.: I noted one thing in just now. If you type some unknown url or a word in general, it first searches match for a direct website, then a related site,. If not available, it gives the wiki entry for that word and finally if everything fails, it googles the result!. I man not be correct about the order…

  2. The new firefox is supposed to more resource efficient. I have heard that a lot of memory leak bugs have been fixed in the new version. The only reason why Firefox seems to be a big memory eater, is because it caches webpages as you visit them. This is done only if there is free RAM space. This speeds up the browsing experience.

    I think firefox first just searches for the URL entered as a site. I am not exactly sure when it tries to find related sites (like searching of a .net or a .org), but it next fetches google results. If there are good webpages returned by google, then it goes straight to that site (the I’m feeling lucky option on the Google page) or otherwise returns all the google search results.

  3. and I typed a movie name and it went to its IMDB entry!

  4. Yeah thats a case of going directly to the top result on google.

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